Monday, July 17, 2017



This month I jetted off to the lovely Malta with 3 girlfriends for quick 5 day trip in search of some sunshine and relaxation. And that is exactly what I found myself doing for the full duration of my trip. Think yoga at 8am thanks to the talented Heather teaching us and ensuring we had at least 40 minutes of exercise before we all sat by the pool indulging in carbs and cocktails for the rest of the day!

One of the most important things that helps my confidence on holiday is a great bikini (and cover-up for after the pizza, pasta and chips!). I continuously find myself shopping on ASOS for my swimwear, not only do they have my favourite styles, which tend to be a triangle bikini (I find them best for sunbathing) but they are always on trend with the latest styles. I found this amazing metallic bikini that has a metal looking texture, but it’s actually very soft and conformable, and it shimmers in the sunlight! 

I always carry a beach shirt with me as the girls and I tended to lounge around the pool and have lunch, and that’s when I liked to throw on a cover-up. I opt for a lightweight shirt so I can still stay cool, while also covering my modesty while travelling to and from the beach or pool. 

Below are some of my other favourite summer essentials from ASOS that are on my wish list for my next trip away:

This post is in collaboration with ASOS.



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