Tuesday, June 13, 2017


This summer, i’ve found a new love for the colour blue. I wear blue jeans all year round, however the colour seemed to be substantially lacking in my wardrobe until recent. I’ve picked up a few vibrant blue pieces over the last few weeks (you can find them in the ‘Shop My Wardrobe’ tab in my blog menu), and this oriental style dress from New Look is my most recent purchase. 

I love the square cut neck line paired with the thin spaghetti straps, immediately creating a very feminine, elegant style, not to mention the way it tightens at the waist and just skims over the hips, creating an all round very flattering shape.

To pick out the beautiful colours in the floral embroidery, I paired mine with a metallic pair of pink heeled sandals to compliment the sheen on the dress, but not to distract from it. 

Here’s a great tip I have; just because it’s a dress doesn’t mean you have to wear it with heels. If you’re going on holiday this year, or even heading to a festival, this dress could also pull off a pair of fresh white trainers! 

New Look are running a competition to win a money-can’t-buy trip to Fresh Island Festival in Croatia, as well as giving away holidays and New Look gift cards! You can find all the details to enter below! 

DRESS                     HEELS                   CHOKER

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