Sunday, September 11, 2016


Blouse Zara // Shorts Zara (old) // Shoes Mango // Bra ASOS // Necklace Pretty Little Thing // Bag Chanel // Sunglasses Rayban

I haven't had the chance to shop in Zara for a while now, but I found this beautiful floral blouse when I made a quick dash to the shops to pick up some essentials, and it reminded me how much I miss actually shopping. I do all of my shopping online now and always hesitate to buy items incase it doesn't fit and I then have to go to the post office to send the item back and wait ages for my refund - you all know the struggle! I need to find some more time to do a real shop and get some great pieces for fall. Anyway, how pretty is this blouse? It is actually a bodysuit, which i'm not sure was necessary, but I love the print, it is so delicate and looks great paired with a lacey bra underneath!



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