Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Top - Zara // Trousers - ASOS // Shoes - ASOS // Jacket - AllSaints // Bag - Chanel Boy

I never usually wear a lot of black but recently my colour pallet has been changing into more neutral colours, making it easier to mix and match the items in my wardrobe. I found this top in Zara and love the details on it, the fabric is so delicate and pretty and the cut out back adds a touch of sexiness while the long flowing sleeves keep it elegant and not too revealing. The only downside is that it's cropped and even too cropped to wear with high waisted jeans as it sits slightly higher and you get a bit of mid drift showing, so I guess i'll just be wearing it with these trousers for now. I also wore this look to work dressed down with some Adidas Superstar trainers and a camisole underneath the top (so you couldn't see the cut out in the back). Everyone should know by now that black and gold are my favourite combination!



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