Saturday, June 20, 2015


Day 2 of Miami, we decided to go out for breakfast, my favourite meal of the day, and headed down to the famous 'Big Pink' on Collins Ave. This place was amazing, I could eat here for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the options are endless, but of course I had to stick to my oatmeal. I could have had anything, eggs, bacon, sausages, but nothing beats oatmeal in the morning, with it's low release energy, it keeps me fuller for longer and I finished my meal off with a coffee, which was the best coffee i've had since i've been out here!!! I also had an amazing strawberry, banana and yogurt smoothie which was delicious!! 
Later I relaxed on the hammock and let my food go down, I am loving this suede fringed backpack that I brought from Topshop at the moment, i've been taking it everywhere with me on this trip, from shopping, to the beach, it's the perfect size to fit everything you need, and my suede sandals to match are from ASOS.



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