Thursday, November 20, 2014

Customising Your Wardrobe

Firstly i'd like to start off with stating what an inconsistent blogger i've been recently, but at the moment university has been my priority, so naturally blogging has taken a back seat for now, I haven't even had time for shopping trip to buy new bits so for this post I thought about how I could take items I already own and transform them into something else! In this instance, I layered my khaki jumper over this skirt which has a leather trim to resemble a dress, I feel like i'm living in this jumper recently, the knit is so soft and one of the comfiest tops I own, definitely a Zara must have, the best part is, it comes in about 10 other colours too!

I've also been thinking about giving my website a whole new look, and rather than calling myself a 'blogger' I'd say i'm more of a girl who shares her style. For my dissertation (the dreaded 8,000 third year essay) i've been looking into the 'Rise of the Fashion Blogger' and it really opened up my eyes to a lot of interesting things that I won't go into now, but it made me think 'is blogging really for me?', don't get me wrong I do love sharing my style, but over the next couple of months when I finally hand in my first project i'll be reinventing my website and adding lots more interesting content rather than just my daily outfits. 
So my apologies in advance if my next post doesn't happen too soon after this one, but you can always follow me on Instagram for more consistent updates!

Jumper - Zara HERE
Skirt - Zara (similar style) HERE
Bag - Louis Vuitton HERE



  1. lovely adorable ! All is perfect ( skirt, sweater , shoes and bag ) I'm fan ! ♥

  2. You look beautiful dear! Love your bag so much!



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